DHT Tracker - trackeryknvofs3m.onion

DHT Tracker

With many BitTorrent trackers moving from the to the newer , it is harder to get torrents started via the which only supports TCP. Once your torrent client is in touch with at least a few peers, it can ask for other peers via the protocol, but bootstrapping the first few peers is tricky.

There's an alternative to talking to a tracker to bootstrap communication called the . Unfortunately, it also uses UDP and is therefore usually incompatible with Tor. However, this service provides a workaround, by receiving requests over the old HTTP protocol and doing lookups against the DHT on your behalf. To use it, add the following as a tracker to your client:http://trackeryknvofs3m.onion/announce

This will return the results of a read-only lookup against the DHT. It may take a few minutes to get going; unlike a normal tracker, it doesn't have the result instantly available and has to talk to dozens to hundreds of peers to find the information you requested.